Mothers day!

Hope you guys don’t forget about your mothers in this special for them day. I don’t know when it is in your country as I understood each country celebrates this day in different days. In Sweden mothers day is 25/05 and in Poland is 26/05 well my mom is in Poland so i have 26 to think about 🙂
I was thinking a while before I bought something…I bought a depilator. Every woman needs one and My mom is a woman who shared everything with everyone and doesn’t keep the stuff she gets for herself. Well it’s gonna be hard to share this one.
Except that I wanted to send a card but they usually disappear somewhere on the way so I made a little photo with some poem and I’m going to send it to her via e-mail. I found a photo where I was 4 years old on…i put some flowers to it and… ready! Hope she gonna like it 😛
image hard to give something better while you live in another country…but I try my best.
How are you guys going to celebrate mothers day with your moms?


One thought on “Mothers day!

  1. Awwww how cute! My mom gonna get a huge kiss and an awesome evening with me and my familly. I really like your idea about that photo! I´m sure your mother gonna love it!


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