Time for something new!

I am not that girl who wears dresses, but now it starts to get really warm here in Sweden so I decided to buy one…I had very hard time to put it on me…one friend was almost forcing me to do it haha
But when I finally did it I was very surprised because I got so much compliments!
And I must say that it’s very comfortable, specially when the wind goes under the dress hahaha 😀
Ya it’s good to make some changes sometimes! Specially if they become positive changes 😛
So here I am with my maxi dress!
I’m very satisfied so it was for sure not the last dress I bought! 😛
I was looking around for some other dresses (As you noticed I like those which are long 😛 ) I thought that I share them with ya, its three different dresses with different prices. I think that all of them are very nice. What do you guys think?
Dress nr. 1 LINK
Dress nr. 2 LINK
Dress nr. 3 LINK


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