Time for something sweet…

Oh man today I woke up and fixed my coffee as usual but this time it have not been enough. I felt a damn strong desire of something sweet!
I have it only once a month πŸ˜› i don’t even like sweet stuff but today it was crazy!
Thx to…me I had a dark chocolate! It was like a plaster on the wound!
And the best is that I didn’t even feel the guilt after I ate a half of my chocolate πŸ˜› you know why?
Well it’s very simple, dark chocolate doesn’t have much calories, it doesn’t fill your stomach but you feel fed anyways πŸ˜›
So it was sooooo nice with something “sweet” to my coffee in the morning that whole day seemed to be more bright than it really is…it’s reining all the time, but I don’t really care πŸ˜€
Hope you guys have a great monday!


3 thoughts on “Time for something sweet…

  1. hahaha, great post!, i love chocolate too… Your salmon recipe was cool. Do u know any recipe for dark chocolate? it would be a great idea for ladies (from time to time;)))) hugs!!!


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