Annoying people….

Hallo to you all! I hope that your weekend began superb…mine well I wont complain BUT it sucks… It started yesterday.
I was training as usual at the girlsgym (which is in the same building as an usuall gym) while one dude came in and asked me “Can I train here?” I looked at him and said “No I don’t think so” then he response that he gonna train just a little bit in here and started to exercise…WTH?! After I was done and went to fix my drink he came after and started to chat…”It’s very bad signal in here…if you use a mobile or something like that” I really had enough of him so I said that I don’t come to the gym for talking on my phone, but to train! Then he started to find a lots of excuses…damn! I train on the girlsgym not cause it’s fun! I want to avoid jerks like that…and what happens? They come and start at the girlsgym too…how irritating can it be? Anyways after my workout I came home and ordered some kebab med rise… You gonna say “ya that’s a really good after workout food” but after a whole week eating tona I was soooo damn hungry on something tasty! So the evening passed by very easy BUT about 2 am my lovely neighbor started to party…seriously?! Doesn’t matter how handsome he is! tulles are same for everyone! So when I went up stairs and knocked on the doors…some of his friends oppened…and started to chat with me?! Wth is wrong with people? I was angry? And I wanted to sleep I didn’t give a crap if he was working together with him or he was his gf who likes to make herself look like a guy. So My friday sucks! Hope that saturday gonna be better…
Oh btw I realised why did I think that Amor Amor doesn’t smell as good as I thought. Well I used to connect smells to the situations in my life and suddenly I realised that I have been using Amor Amor before while I was living in Poland in a time which I would love to forget. Anyways For a while ago I decided to make a change in my life and Amor Amor (which really smells awesome) instead of remind me about the bad time in my life gonna be a smell of changing my life 🙂
Have a nice weekend guys!


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