Change the schedule!

Today I was training first time after one month without BCCAA…damn how tired I was! And I was sweating like a pig haha šŸ˜› It’s good to treat the body different so it doesn’t get used to products. Anyways I decided to change the training schedule too. I got inspired of Nathalia Melo. Damn she has an awesome butt! And I realise that I need to workout My butt more as well šŸ˜‰ anyways in one of gymgrosistens newspapers she shared hers schedule so I’m going to try it šŸ™‚
Mine gonna be a little different cause I don’t train on mondays…reason? Usually too busy. So My training week starts on Tuesday and finishes on saturday. Sunday and monday I have a break from the training!
Hope you guys have a training schedule too, it’s very important that when you go to the gym you know exactly what you gonna train! One more thing, don’t train same part of muscles every day! You are never gonna get some results in that way! Muscles after training needs time to regenerate! On the same gym as I is training a girl who was training breast 2 days in the road, I was asking her if she knows what muscle is she training and what is she thinking while she’s training same shit everyday? She didn’t seem to know what she’s really doing and she didn’t want to get any help either so…I don’t give a shit šŸ˜€ hers problem!
Have a nice evening guys!


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