Awesome monday and less awesome tuesday!

Wohooo yesterday I was shopping and walking around in the town with my friend Ayse, I bought a cap, I really needed one. Here the sun is shining very strong (when it’s shining and if it’s shining) so it’s good to have something what covers the head. Ya so I got one yesterday and I’m very proud of it!
We were taking some photos and I really couldn’t stop laughing while she was taking some of them, why? Well the reason was that she was soooo serious about it and wanted to make it professionall…but when she said “ok and now shut up so I can take a good photo” was killing me 😀
What I’m not proud of is that today I had the dentist visit and as usual I was in hurry in the morning and stressed. i supposed to meet the dentist 8:30 so i run to the train and so on, but I decided to take my new awesome cap with me!
When I was walking thru the town Everybody was looking at me so I thought “damn it must match me very well” but when I came to the dentist and took it off I got angry! I had a big lap in front of the cap! How in the hell did I miss it?!
But it matches me anyways…doesn’t it?! 😛
After the dentist my favorite drink…yummy! So freaking good!
Oh on this photo you can see little of my messy bag as well 😛
Hope you guys have a good day!


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