Sunday movie!

Totally failed choice! One friend recommended to me this film…actually I think very hard about if we still are friends 😀 I’ve lost 1 hour and 20 minutes of My precious life for seeing that creepy “movie”!
The movie is places in the category “horror” i would put it in a “bad comedy”…
One kid who is little freaky is mobbed on the camp…he’s just running around and scream to everyone “your ass stinks” so pathetic…later on showed up a woman who was a Guy or a guy who was a woman…I don’t know really and honestly I don’t give a shit haha 😀 anyways don’t waste your time! The worse movie I’ve seen in a very very long time!
Instead of 5 stars I give to this movie 5 thumbs down! And the movie I’m talking about is…”return to sleepaway camp”
So for saving the evening I was watching My favorite tv show 😀 “welcome to Sweden” I love it! It’s very real! Haha many situations are very common in our life…well atleast in mine! And those who moved to Sweden from some other country 😀 it is about a guy from USA who met his swedish girl and decided to move with her to Sweden 😀 i really recommend this one and even if it’s not a movie I give to “Welcome to Sweden” My sundays stars, cause it saved My evening!


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