Neighboor – part 2

Having a noisy neighboor…well ok I know that I said that he was cute, and I know that its first may but…he’s having party…listening to Avicii, dancing, singing and I don’t know what else. During the week he was hammering almost every day and tonight party…damn I wanna move out from here! Maybe I get old or maybe I just understand more than that cute guy? Oh well when is he supposed to party if not now? When he turns 40? Why not?! At least I’m not living under then! I’ve already spoken to him few times about that he is very noisy! Every time when I try to explain for him that it’s wrong he’s giving me one of those CUTEST in the world smiles…and what the hell shall I do about it? Well maybe I am too hard, my life right now is too complicated, I’m too stressed, maybe I forgot how to have fun? I hope not! I bet he was happy when he moved in that he’s not going to live surrounded by older people who get disturbed … but he didn’t expect to meet me… 😀 Damn I wish I could just solve all of my problems, move out from this apartment, start to study and make everything what is complicated right now dissapeared…God i sound like depressed woman who is having 40 years old crisis 😀 ush!
Hope you guys are having an awesome evening and night!


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