What an AWESOME day…

Weee! 2 teeth fixed! Only 2 left! That’s awesome!
Here can you see how happy I was while I was traveling to meet My dentist! I always look in the same way before that šŸ˜€ the clear happiness in My eyes…isn’t it?!
What an awesome day…nice weather, nice dentist visit haha and Kings birthday parade…haha yeah, when I came out from the dentist I saw a lots of people who was watching something very carefully, then I saw horses and I remind myself that today it’s kings of Sweden birthday haha šŸ˜›
imagehe is taurus…just like me BUT i wouldn’t say that he has too much of a taurus…well atleast we have nothing in common šŸ˜€ after it i went to work, I was sitting almost all the time outside, even if it was little colder than yesterday it was nice! So hope you guys had a good day! Oh ya btw, tomorrow it’s My turn for having birthday ^^ I didn’t really decide what am I going to do yet?! But anyways I’m going to be one year older … Aaaaaaa! šŸ˜›


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