Looking for new trainingtights!

What do you guys think?
1.? Link
2.? Link
3.? Link
Which one is best 👍💪👊 ?


3 thoughts on “Looking for new trainingtights!

  1. Hi Karina, I think the classic look would be number 1 Adidas 3 stripe. However the second option with the red nike ‘just do it’ also looks equally as good. Not a huge fan of the last legging as its a bit boring black and considering the costs of these which run into the above $50.00 category – could achieve the same look by buying a much cheaper cotton or no name brand pair.


  2. The other consideration is whether they are fashion or fun or a combination of both? You can also try compression leggings if they are for running…I blog about such things so pop by my blog lose it in lycra if you care.


  3. Hey! Thank you that you shared your oppinion! It’s always cool to “hear” what others think. I really appriciate what you wrote and i gladly check your blog!


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