Wth did I just watch?!

I don’t know if you guys have seen what Sebastian Bach come out with?
Born To Rage…well I didn’t know if I supposed to cry or laugh?! I still hope that it was a joke! But anyways even if I hope for it, everytime when I see his photo or some new music video I just can’t stop thinking about “Born To Rage” whyyyy?!
I was soooooo dissapointed…what more shall I say?! It almost crossed My heart!
I still remember how hot he was singing “18 and life” live in the 90’but now…the only picture I have is he running around with the microphone in “Born To Rage” clip doing a lots of silly stuff…and I just cant take it out of My head even if I really want! 😱😰
Just look at this

Who doesn’t love that time with Skid Row and Sebastian Bach?!
I can understand that he went with the flow, time changes, people listen to diffrent music but is it really necessary to make a clown of yourself to get some more attention? Anyways he was my idol…rock icon…now I don’t know anymore…
Just look at this…

See what I’m saying?


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