Breast’s surgery and tragedy…

I just can’t forget about one swedish woman whose name is Christina. She’s over 30. She decided to make her breast’s surgery in Poland…it was the last thing she wanted to do to prepare herself for her wedding. Unfortunately it changed her life into a nightmare…
She found one clinic in Poland – Gdańsk via company “Medical Travel”.
Medical Travel is known from their HomePage as a company which offers quick and cheat medical treatment…except that stands there that their customers can feel safe with them…it was standing for a while ago anyways…
While the surgery was going Christina’s fiance was waiting in the corridor, after it Christina was left in a room without any supervision and he understood that something was wrong. She had a law blood pressure between 30-60 and was very pale. He asked the doctor about what’s going on with Christina but doctor was just trying to calm him down, after a while she stopped to breathe!
Family wanted to know what happened with Christina…first when they came home to Malmö they get the information what really have happened and whats going to come next. What they heard was that Christina’s cerebral cortex is damaged and She’s not going to wake up again!
Medical Travel CEO puts the whole guilt on polish hospital and doesn’t think at all that it might be their fault at all…but he did recommend her that hospital, if he (or the company) wouldn’t recommend it to Christina maybe the whole situation wouldn’t happen?!
Except that there’s many theories that nurses who was around while she stopped to breathe didn’t have the education and many other things…
I think it’s so sad! It’s many girls who wants to make breast’s surgery, I did even think about it. But I would never trust to some company and make that serious surgery in Poland just because it would be cheaper and faster!
It needs to be a clinique which I would be 100% sure about! The thing is that in Sweden it costs kind of much and you need to wait for it a while. In Poland it costed her 37000 swedish crowns and changed her life into hell on the earth…
It’s so sad 😦 She had the whole life in front of her 😰
😦 I’ve seen some polish news as well…polish people are not happy about this situation, they are very angry that something like that could happen! And myself, I know exactly how it works in polish hospitals and I would never, ever make such a mistake and decide for breast’s or any other surgery there…actually while I was living in Poland I thought that the hospital was the worse place you could get in that time…apparently it didn’t change much since that time…
What do you guys think about breast’s surgery and her history?


I would love to hear from you!

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