Package from gymgrossisten!

Oh well…today I met someone who I would like to forget about.
For a while ago one Guy from the gym followed after me home…it was really creepy. During My whole workout I felt that he was watching me and today He was at the gym…I used to train on the girlsgym but i wanted to do the cardio part on the usuall gym, the reason why is … They have better stuff! I don’t understand why don’t the owners invest some money in developing girlsgym…it would be awsome…anyways he was there while I was doing My cardio, watching me exactly in the same way as last time…So on my way home I was looking behind me all the time! So damn irritating!!!
Now some good news! Package from gymgrossisten! It’s better than Christmas presents ^^
I finally got My new shaker! Isn’t it cute? 😀 Here have you link to that beauty.

I know there are some chicks who are afraid to take protein powder…i just don’t get why? Ya ya I know, “I’m about to get that body without any help of powders” well nothing more left to say than “good luck!”
Anyways I use whey 100, from starnutrition, it’s a really good one.
image                                         If you like it you can find it here.

I mean you need to find out which protein is best for you. Everybody is different and every body absorb different proteins in different way. You just gotta try some of them and you gonna find the one who matches you best!
As you might know there are few of proteins which are used in protein powders. For example whey protein, lactose protein, egg protein, casein, and soy…well there are others too but I’m gonna stake to those :P…well as I said you gonna need to find out which one works best for you.
I choose whey and I think that it works best for me. The thing which I have a little problem with is the taste…I can’t really find one which I would define as “good” I’ve tried lemon yoghurt, strawberry, vanilla, and now pear-vanilly…believe me none of them taste good! Well I used to blend it with milk but for those who use water I really recommend to try some other tastes… 😀
So keep searching for your best friend (by writing this I mean protein powder) and good luck!


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