Lets start!

So as usual in Sweden, we have a lots of weather changes, but none cares haha, people got used to it! It’s sick! In saturday we had 16 degrees warm! It was so nice! And today it was snowing haha…blah i want the summer! Anyways I keep continue My training (i train on the gym) love it… I train on the gym for girls haha you all know why 😉 but today I needed to move my botty to the ordinary gym and I already regret it… It seems like people go there just for getting some attention and just to look at others how they train or to chat…wth! There was one girl as well, she scared the shit out of me! She was sooooooo thin! She didn’t train, she was just walking around scarying people…and to be serious I felt damn sorry for her and the worse was that she thought that she looked good! Please someone! Open her eyes or I do it! It’s not my pms it’s that people missunderstand how trained body shall look like…so i remind you!

Recognising? If not then I put some other exemple at once
So I really hope you recognise her! If not because of her training, hope you recognise her from tv shop atleast haha! Give me some hope!


I would love to hear from you!

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