Cold and tired…

Hallo everyone. I didn’t disappear just having too much to do right now…
What happened with weather?! It was 30 degrees in monday and today it’s 10 again! Blowing as hell…grrr
I’m starting to have pain in My through actually…not good at all…can’t get sick! If I get sick I need to stay home and skip the gym for couple of days and I don’t really want it.
In monday I spoke to mom, she really liked the photo and the present. Damn glad about it 🙂 hope you guys had an awesome beginning of the week!


Mothers day!

Hope you guys don’t forget about your mothers in this special for them day. I don’t know when it is in your country as I understood each country celebrates this day in different days. In Sweden mothers day is 25/05 and in Poland is 26/05 well my mom is in Poland so i have 26 to think about 🙂
I was thinking a while before I bought something…I bought a depilator. Every woman needs one and My mom is a woman who shared everything with everyone and doesn’t keep the stuff she gets for herself. Well it’s gonna be hard to share this one.
Except that I wanted to send a card but they usually disappear somewhere on the way so I made a little photo with some poem and I’m going to send it to her via e-mail. I found a photo where I was 4 years old on…i put some flowers to it and… ready! Hope she gonna like it 😛
image hard to give something better while you live in another country…but I try my best.
How are you guys going to celebrate mothers day with your moms?

Time for something new!

I am not that girl who wears dresses, but now it starts to get really warm here in Sweden so I decided to buy one…I had very hard time to put it on me…one friend was almost forcing me to do it haha
But when I finally did it I was very surprised because I got so much compliments!
And I must say that it’s very comfortable, specially when the wind goes under the dress hahaha 😀
Ya it’s good to make some changes sometimes! Specially if they become positive changes 😛
So here I am with my maxi dress!
I’m very satisfied so it was for sure not the last dress I bought! 😛
I was looking around for some other dresses (As you noticed I like those which are long 😛 ) I thought that I share them with ya, its three different dresses with different prices. I think that all of them are very nice. What do you guys think?
Dress nr. 1 LINK
Dress nr. 2 LINK
Dress nr. 3 LINK

Day at the gym…

I was at the gym and training shoulders and I came up with an idea about taking some photos…just so you guys know that I really take My ASS to the gym and not just talk a LOT about it 😉 honestly I didn’t plan it so photos are not best, they are taken with an iPad so…please have some understanding for it 🙂

Hard to not to love Sweden :)

Well today I saw something very interesting… I mean here nothing is going to surprise me anymore, since I moved to Sweden I learned that everything is possible but this one I have seen the very first time 😀 so guys, just so you know, if you come to Sweden, party hard and day after you are hungry but doesn’t have the energy for cooking you don’t need to worry at all! In Sweden you can find special meals which are made exactly for this moment in your life!
Hangover food! That’s what it is 😀 Haha damn sad that I don’t drink…other ways I would make a use of it for sure 😛

Time for something sweet…

Oh man today I woke up and fixed my coffee as usual but this time it have not been enough. I felt a damn strong desire of something sweet!
I have it only once a month 😛 i don’t even like sweet stuff but today it was crazy!
Thx to…me I had a dark chocolate! It was like a plaster on the wound!
And the best is that I didn’t even feel the guilt after I ate a half of my chocolate 😛 you know why?
Well it’s very simple, dark chocolate doesn’t have much calories, it doesn’t fill your stomach but you feel fed anyways 😛
So it was sooooo nice with something “sweet” to my coffee in the morning that whole day seemed to be more bright than it really is…it’s reining all the time, but I don’t really care 😀
Hope you guys have a great monday!

Salmon thats what I need…

Oh well as usual after the gym I’m hungry like a bear or wolf…you can choose which you prefer, anyways I’m damn hungry! I took my proteindrink but…still hungry! So I’ve fixed my favorite meal! Salmon…yummy 😀
If you like salmon but you think that it’s complicated or taking too long time just check out My recipe!
* About 500g of salmon.
* 1,5 – 2 potatoes
* broccoli
* lemon
* salt
So first you lay down your salmon on some baking foil, put some salt on it, later on cut the lemon in very tiny rings and lay them over the salmon.
Your oven should be 225′ warm. You can go down with the temperature till 200′ after 15 minutes. I used to cover the whole salmon with the foil after 20 minutes.
So it’s all! Now you must just let the salmon rest in the oven in about 30-40 minutes!
In that time cook some potatoes and broccoli.
Done! 😀 and really good.
Really hungry after your workout at the gym – salmon is my answer for your hunger 😉 👍💪👊